Central American Digital Trade Platform

Central American Digital Trade Platform

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá
UE – Europeaid
Foreign Trade and Investment
24/09/2015 -24/09/2017 (24 meses)
UE – Europeaid


Overall project objective:

Support the economic integration process and the development of the Central American region. The objective of this contract is to contribute to the facilitation of intra-regional trade within Central America and with the EU through the homogenization and application of common customs procedures.

Specific objective:

  • Support the adoption and consolidation of common mechanisms and tools necessary for intra-regional trade facilitation and the implementation of CA’s commitments under the trade pillar of the Association Agreement (AA).
  • Promote greater awareness and participation of the parties involved in the economic integration process.
  • Support the coordination and strengthening of regional institutions.

The main activities of the project are related to the improvement of the Customs System in C.A. through some of the following actions:

  • Adjustments to the regional and national customs information systems by integrating current systems in environments independent of the existing ones, making modifications to the Central American Unified Customs Information System (SIAUCA Regional), the TIM System and adjustments to the national customs information systems.
  • Development of a web capture application and management portal for the Single Central American Transit and Export Declarations – DUCA.
  • Optimization of the TIM System (International Transfer of Customs Goods).
  • Improvement of Alternative Communication Mechanisms between the Regional SIAUCA and the national systems of Central American countries.
  • Development of a Regional Trade Data Bus together with 5 families of services (drivers, carriers,
    consignees, SIAUCA, TIM).

.Net-based programming platform and interoperability bus and service orchestration solution based on Microsoft Biztalk