Oriented to the multilateral market and the ICT sector

We develop and implement innovative software projects with the support of multilateral development organizations.



Consultancy for the Coordinated Management of Panama’s border posts

Our services

Focused on Public Administrations and SMEs in Spain and third countries.


We help to improve internal government processes and public services offered by public administrations.

Big Data

We analyze trends by examining large data setsand translating them into new insights.

Multilateral Internationalization

If you are an ICT we help you to participate in multilateral financing markets.

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What do they say about Veratia?

“ I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the VERATIA team in different trade initiatives that incorporate technological aspects for trade facilitation, interoperability of regional and inter-institutional systems, among others that are part of major trade and investment projects in Central America. VERATIA’s team has complemented us with an IT vision, very clear, proactive and in line with the advancement of technology, thus ensuring that the stakeholders of the projects have a comprehensive vision that contributes to the achievement of the objectives and results expected in each project.

Erick D. Méndez Mejía, Msc.

Trade & Investment Expert
BID Associate Consultant for Projects in Central America
“ Working with Veratia has been an experience of transformation and reencounter with the passion for a job well done. They are one of the few companies that not only say, but actually work with you. You become part of their work group, they involve you and you are treated as an equal. ”

Carlos Díaz

Technology Advisor
Katari Technology
“ Our company has collaborated in different projects with VERATIA, always in successful projects, where VERATIA’s technical and management capacity has been a key factor for success.”

Jaime Martel

ITelligent Information Technologies


Thanks to our international experience, we have developed a great functional and technical expertise that, together with our know-how and our consultants, we have managed to differentiate ourselves, ensuring success in each and every one of our jobs.